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Post  Strawberry on Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:12 pm

1.No cursing please. Their are days when it just spills out,but curse words every two words is just unneeded.
2.No posting porn/hentai or having it as your avatar or in your sig. Their might be kids looking at the forums/people don't want to see it and you will be giving a warning if you post it/have it as your avatar and sig.
3.No flaming. By definition,it means no verbally attacking others like calling them idiots or retards and anything similar to that.
4.No double posting would be appreciated greatly. If it's a accident I understand,but otherwise try to keep it to a mininum.
5.You get 3 warnings if you break any of these rules. After the 3rd warning,you will be getting banned.
6.Do not make 2 accounts.
7.No spamming. Don't post in a thread if you have nothing to contribute to the thread.
8.No feeding the trolls. It's what they expect and you'll only make it worse.
9.I'd also appreciate no major trolling.

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