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Mod Signups

Post  Strawberry on Sat Apr 30, 2011 4:10 pm

Since me and Xenogrl are trying to get this forum to grow,i'll post this now. I can't run a site by myself so yeah >.<
How Active you can be:
Mod Experience on other Websites:
If a member flames someone,what do you do?
1.Curse him out and ban him.
2.Calmly warn them.
If someone posts something against the rules,what do you do?
1.Delete the thread and give them a warning.
2.Ban them.
Oh,and if I see any abuse of power,like banning someone who hasn't done anything to get banned,will be stripped of your mod powers and given a warning.
PM me your application and I will look over it and tell you as soon as possible if you got to be a mod. :3

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